Ministries and Programs

Men’s Department

A wonderful fellowship for the men of St. Mark. The men participate in various outreaches, go on outings, and are a blessing to St. Mark and the community. Elder Dwayne Stanford is the President.

Young Women’s Christian Council

Meets every second Saturday at 2:00 P.M. The YWCC is specifically for the younger women and helps them with parenting, education, and living victorious Christian lives. Sis. Florence Malone is the President.

Women’s Department

Women's Department The Women's Department meets every third Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 P.M. The Women's Dept. is a wonderful fellowship for women of any age. During the year the Women's Dept. participates in outreach, retreats, and being a blessing to the church and community. Sis. Vickie Ridgeway is the President.

Promise Keepers

The Promise Keepers meet every Saturday at 9:00 A.M. The men of St. Mark and friends are invited to come for fellowship, prayer, and support to help live victorious Christian lives.

Missionary Department

The missionaries of St. Mark visit the sick and shut-in, and provide various outreaches in the community. Last year they sponsored a tent revival which was a great blessing to all who attended. Missionary Linda Bates is the President

Sunday School

The Sunday School Department reaches out and offers a structured time of study prior to our Sunday morning worship service. The Sunday School has 4 classes and provides breakfast for the students and a continental breakfast for the adults the first Sunday of the month. Elder Randy Crews is the Superintendent.

The Church Board

Sis. Gwenda Louis-Carter is the President

Pastor’s Aid Committee

The Pastor's Aid Committee is designed to meet the needs of the Pastor & First Lady. Sis. Marie Thomas is the president.
Children's Ministry

Sunday Services

Sunday School at 9:00am, Sunday Worship at 10:00am, Sunday Evening Service at 4:00 pm

Youth Ministry

Wed. Prayer Service

Mid-week bible study. We go into details with the scriptures of the Holy Bible and life principles

Men's Ministry

Friday Night Service

Friday Night Service at 7:00pm
Also on First Friday’s all night prayer at 8:00pm

Women's Ministry

Weekly Activities

Several weekly activities as in Men’s Meetings, Sunshine Band, Choir Rehearsals and other meetings